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Colgate is an American brand principally used for oral hygiene products such as toothpastes, toothbrushes, mouthwashes and dental floss. Manufactured by Colgate-Palmolive, Colgate oral hygiene products were first sold by the company in 1873, sixteen years after the death of the founder, William Colgate. The company originally sold soap.

Chaly angrily shared his experience with Colgate, "I have no idea what Colgate have added to the "Total New Flavor", but it has left my gums sore, the inside of my lips on fire and swollen and my lips severely dry!! DO NOT BUY THIS TOOTHPASTE!!!! I wish I could give it 0 stars because this product is horrific! What the heck did you add to this new flavor Colgate????"


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Tracy says

"I used teeth whitening pen. After one use within seconds it hardened and burned everything it touched. I was scared to ever use it again and threw it out. Big waste of money."

sebastian yepes says

"A company that cheats customers

How can be possible that you buy a box of 17 cm and inside the box, there is a toothpaste with just 14.5 cm size? This is stealing at the customer's face. This is the kind of company that does not care about people and just wants more and more revenue. Now I'm gonna stop to consume this brand that steals on people faces"

Rahul Chaurasia says

"I always get mouth ulcers whenever I use Colgate."

Andrew Guy says

"Thanks Colgate The change in the formula is a total disaster as far as I am concerned
The paste tastes like chemicals and leaves a really terrible after taste
I have tried several flavours and they are a disgusting
Please go back to the old formula"

Jessika says

"I have stopped using it, since any unnatural artificial products are harmful to human health."

Janina Dzagoev says

"Slow delivery and package was broken"

White Yeti says

"I often used the products of this company before, now I have stopped using it, since any unnatural artificial products are harmful to human health."

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